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Sponsoring – Schools Poetry Award (Vic Uni)
Congratulations to the winner and runners up on the Victoria University’s Institute of Modern LettersSchools Poetry Award.
We’d worked with the team at the International Institute of Modern Letters on the original launch and promotion of the award. We loved the project so much we decided to make them the recipients of our Annual Arts Sponsorship.
Our sponsorship included a campaign plan for promotion of the award winners, animated web banners, a web site, animation of the winning poem, street posters, bringing in other partners to support the promotion, and hopefully lots of kudos, so they can attract more sponsors for next year!

We aimed to raise the profile of the competition and use design to enhance the visibility of the students poetry. Using typography and design to draw attention to the beauty of the written word while  maintaining the integrity of the poems. Before satrting the project Bill Manhire of the International Institute of Modern Letters ” was a little worried, that we might display ‘designer hubris’ and simply see the students’ poems as opportunities for graphic self-display.” Luckily, that fear was misplaced. He felt Neogine “worked very much on behalf of the student poems, and their spirit. Alert to the design possibilities but sensitive to the needs of particular texts.”
He was very happy with the results, “the winner and finalist poems in the Schools Awards got a much bigger profile than [the Institute of Modern Letters] could have achieved for them, given our limited resources and knowledge.”

From all of us at Neogine: Thank you Bill, Katie, Clare and Lynn – it’s been a really rewarding project to put our efforts into!